Cardano Cuts NFT Airdrop #1
Cardano Cuts NFT Airdrop #2

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How to Mint

  1. Create a Cardano wallet. Examples of compatible wallets include CCVault, Nami, and Gero.
    • Never attempt to purchase an NFT from an exchange. They do not support them (and you can’t control your ADA staking)!
  2. Fund your wallet with enough ADA to cover the mint price and at least 2 extra ADA to cover fees.
  3. Locate the “Send” tab in your chosen wallet, and identify the receiver/receiving address field.
  4. Return to this website during the mint, and click the Mint button.
  5. Click the copy button to copy the sale address to your clipboard.
  6. Paste the address into the receive address field.
    • After pasting any crypto address, always double-check the address to confirm where you’re sending.
  7. Enter the exact sale price (or an exact multiple of the sale price) in the ADA amount field.
  8. Confirm the transaction. Double-check all details and enter your spending password.
  9. NFTs can take some time to deliver depending on the Cardano network load. Generally, expect to see it within a few minutes to a few hours.
  10. You’ll be given a refund if you sent the wrong amount, or if the NFTs are sold out when we process your transaction.
  11. To view your NFTs, go to Pool.pm and paste any of your receiving addresses into the search field.
Minting Window for Cardano Cuts
Entering the minting address into your Cardano Wallet application
Entering the mint amount into your Cardano Wallet application
Entering your password into your Cardano Wallet application

Cardano Cuts NFT

150.0 Generative Chef’s Blades

Chop it like it’s hot!

Silver knife with a Turtle and Skull on the handle
Gold bladed knife with a green snake wrapped around the handle
Chef Charles Hoskinson
Cardano Cuts Pink Chef's Blade with Cow Patterned Handle

About the team

Cardano Cuts Blue Chef's Blade Knife NFT

From the great midwestern USA. With a passion for cooking and a love for knives. I have been in the CNFT community since April 2021. After the COVID outbreak affecting the restaurant industry and impacting work, I decided to start my own CNFT project based on the knives I love so much. I look forward to building the community and happy to be on Cardano.

Designer, brand strategist, and web developer from Utah. Now designing & making websites for Cardano projects full time, and also putting all free time into my own project on Cardano. Positively passionate about Cardano’s mission and ecosystem. Certainly not a chef, but I do enjoy my knives! 😈

I’m a Canadian Cardano full-stack web developer, studied Arts, economics and comp sci. I am cofounder of the Cyberpickle NFT developers team. I specialized in Cardano at the end of summer 2021, and it’s now my days and my nights.

Hi guys! I’m a Canadian web full-stack, a Cardano NFT developer. After years of experience in coding, me and my friend Mathieu2em decided it was the perfect time to help artists starting their own NFT projects. That’s how we founded CyberPickle Publishing. When away from my computer, I like to play tennis and take a beer with friends.

Cardano Cuts Dragon Chef's Blade NFT
Cardano Cuts Roadmap: 100 Promo Mints, 1500 Genesis Cuts. Promo offers early access to all future NFT drops and access to Promo 100 club - holder only game nights, and special giveaways including real custom chef's blades valued $300-$3000 USD.
Cardano Cuts